Friday, June 22, 2018

Possible An-2 takeoff witness passes lie detector

A mechanic for the An-2 plane that went missing in on June 11 has given a detailed account of the moments before the flight that was confirmed by a lie detector to be true.

Sagndyk Taubekov, the mechanic, travelled with the flight's crew to the Sverdlovsk region from the Orenburg region prior to the incident. The pilot and co-pilot of the ship were on leave without pay and were chartering flights around the area to earn extra money, Mir66 reports.

According to his testimony, Taubekov was called to the plane after the aircraft initially failed to start on June 11. When Taubekov noticed that Hatip Kashapova, the pilot of the aircraft, was drunk, he was alarmed for the safety of the passengers on board. In an effort to prevent the flight, he said the aircraft's engine was knocking and that it was best to abandon the flight. Taubekov said that Kashapov pushed him out of the cabin and took off with the plane.

"To confirm or refute these words (of the) witness to the discovery of the An-2 is impossible," Irina Serova Zadirako, the transport prosecutor, said, according to Mir66. "While certainly established that the commander of the guard (drank) before the flight - with a bottle of alcohol (that was) found at the airport (that has been) sent for examination."

Kashapov took off with 12 passengers on June 11. The plane has been missing ever since.