Monday, July 16, 2018

RosYama reps find violations in road repair

Representatives from RosYama, a road repair organization, found violations on Saturday in the repair work on Yasnaya and Belorechenskaya streets in Yekaterinburg.

The road repair companies allegedly failed to block off a stretch of road on the two streets and began laying active asphalt pavement. Because the repair operation failed to organize local traffic and detour passengers from the roads, passengers either drove on the new asphalt or went into the oncoming lane, putting themselves in danger, Nightly News reports.

In another alleged violation, the company failed to adequately compact the asphalt to the standards necessary to construct a proper road. When RosYama representatives introduced themselves and asked to talk to the situation foreman, the man responded rudely and refused to talk about the work being done. He said he would only speak with government officials.

Throughout 2012, approximately 630,000 square meters of asphalt will be replaced in Yekaterinburg, with most repairs occurring during the night to accommodate motorists and road workers. Eighty percent of the work on 77 city roads is planned to occur during the night in an effort to effectively deliver materials to equipment without any kind of delay. The project determined which roads to close during the day versus the ones to close at night based on the value of the roads in the city's infrastructure and the availability of public transportation, reports.