Saturday, June 23, 2018

Signs go up Yekaterinburg stores about alcohol ban

Consumer memos will appear in Yekaterinburg stores this week to remind customers about the new restrictions on the sale of beer that began on Sunday.

Starting on Sunday, the sale of beer and alcoholic-based beverages has been prohibited from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. The only beer and alcohol left out of the restriction includes drinks with a five percent or less ethyl alcohol content, Mir66 reports.

"Consumers in the shopping centers will be notified of relevant announcements and reminders," the Department of Information Policy said, according to Mir66. "Restricting the sale of beer is a continuation of the concept of state policy to reduce the abuse of alcoholic beverages and the prevention of alcoholism among the population of the Russian Federation until 2020."

Beer and alcoholic beverages manufactured for beer stops will also be prohibited.

The new rules represent an effort to improve the safety of drivers and passengers in the city.

Officials with the Russian Orthodox Church called on Russia's federal supervisory agency for consumer goods to institute the ban. The ban resembles the policy of alcohol sales during the Soviet years.

Oleg Stetsenko, a psychiatrist, said that the problem of alcoholism will only change when the state treats addicts differently, reports.

"We now have no care for people suffering from alcoholism," Stetsenko said, according to "There are no rehabilitation centers of government - only charitable or religious. In the West, above all, a man asked if he would plead sick? If yes - he gets help and compassion. If you refuse - like, say, drink and vandalize more - that his action is considered a matter of law."