Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sushkof releases statement on Yekaterinburg food poisonings

Sushkof, a Yekaterinburg Japanese restaurant chain, released an official statement on Thursday related to multiple food poisoning incidents that occurred earlier in the week at one of its restaurants.

The Sverdlovsk region Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology received 12 notices of emergency acute intestinal infection cases between Monday and Wednesday related to sushi rolls from Sushkof. The cases occurred in 11 adults and one four-year-old child. Eleven people were hospitalized after the food poisoning incidents, reports.

Ian Zaichenko, the head of Sushkof, addressed rumors that the Yekaterinburg restaurant has closed.

"We did not close one (restaurant)," Sushkof said, according to "This information (can be confirmed by) the Federal Service. (For now) we have suspended their activities - in order not to risk the health of any one of 400,000 customers. Today, from (noon) we are already working in full mode - except for the branch, who has (been examined by) the Federal Service. (The service) had already checked the unit in which the order was made, presumably leading to poisoning. Until the conclusion will be presented, it will remain closed. Meanwhile, the administration has increased the restaurant's food quality control."