Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg officials adopt new rules of accomplishment

Officials with the Yekaterinburg City Council agreed to new rules of accomplishment on Tuesday, including monitoring of quarterly performance.

Monitoring specialists will attempt to keep order and punish offenders who violate the maintenance and improvement of multiple elements of the urban economy. The officials also discussed a beautification project for the city of Yekaterinburg which will begin in early July, Mir66 reports.

Two specialists will be hired for each of the seven districts of Yekaterinburg. The officers will deploy to each district with the duty of maintaining order in the territory. The agents will be released into the field in the middle of summer in an effort to get acquainted with the potential violations in each territory.

The new officials, along with staff specialists of district administrations and other government employees, will use a comprehensive electronic database to determine all property items within the controlled neighborhoods. The officials will receive laptops so that they have the data they need on hand at all times including diagrams, maps, land data, architectural objects and property ownership, according to Mir66.

The leadership said that the new initiative will provide outreach to offenders to provide guidance for future improvement.

The final quarterly Yekaterinburg initiative will be completed by early 2013.