Saturday, July 21, 2018

Police support joke rally in Yekaterinburg

Rostislav Zhuralev, a Yekaterinburg man, was surprised when police showed up to escort him for a rally he applied for as a joke this week.

Zhuralev posted his experience on YouTube along with his application, which asked for city approval for five people to have a mass presence and movement along the streets of the city for sightseeing purposes, the Moscow Times reports.

Zhuralev actually forgot about the request until he received a call at 8 a.m. from police asking if the rally would still occur. Ten counter-extremism agents and police officers showed up to accompany Zhuralev.

"Dear friends, the law on rallies works wonderfully," Zhuralev said, according to the Moscow Times.

Zhuralev allowed officers to get back to their duties after a short time, officially ending the event.

The city administration in Nizhny Novgorod has been overwhelmed recently with requests for absurd activism under the Life According to the Law project. The week-old campaign has seen submissions for applications for finding a man, walking the dog, going to the store for bread and other strange activities.

Andrei Rudnoi, the creator of the project, said that officials have admitted that they would not be able to answer all the requests during the required three days. Unanswered applications can apparently be treated as if they received approval.

Rudnoi jokingly praised city officials for allowing 48 protest events to occur in the city between June 30 and July 3.