Sunday, July 15, 2018

Ural Airlines trains pilots in new Flight Simulator Center

Ural Airlines has developed a new cockpit simulator in order to train its pilots.

The simulator is the most advanced to date and was developed specifically for Ural Airlines by SIM Industries, which recently joined Lockheed Martin. The $9.4 million machine will make flights more efficient and will allow pilots to log more training time than has previously been available. In comparison, Ural Airlines said that training in Europe is limited to a three hour standard session, reports.

The new machine is unique to Russia and meets the highest international standards. Pilots training with the simulator can receive a Level-D certificate, the highest available to pilots trained without actual planes. Additionally, international and Russian
aviation authorities have certified the machinery, making it operable for the next 15 years without additional upgrades.

The machine is fitted with a visualization system manufactured by Rockwell Collins. It also contains a unique pneumo-electric motion generation system with enhanced energy efficiency. The design of the cockpit simulator complies with that of an Airbus A 320 aircraft, according to

Airlines including Emirates, Air France and Lufthansa also use similar simulators in their pilot training programs.