Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg presents case for Expo-2020 at economic forum

Yekaterinburg presented its application to host Expo-2020 on Thursday in St. Petersburg at the 16th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The three day forum was attended by approximately 4,500 people from 80 countries and included approximately 200 heads of major international companies. Yekaterinburg plans to held major Russian and international events at the forum to discuss its candidacy for the world exhibition, reports.

"(It) is important (that the Sverdlovsk region) keep up the pace," Vicente Loscertales, the secretary general of the International Exhibitions Bureau, said, according to "It is very important in terms of promoting the city and request that the pavilion 'Yekaterinburg-Expo' (be) presented at the forum. In fact Expo - event communications, and (the) more people, first in Russia and then in the whole world know about Yekaterinburg, the better. "

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum consists of four parts, including the role of leadership in an era of change, the forefront of innovation, Russian action potential and creating a sustainable future. One of the most pressing parts of the forum was to discuss how to minimize the impact of the global financial crisis and to prevent any financial aftershocks.

"We see many basic and obvious steps are postponed due to political, party, group conflict, due to the current political situation of the world's leading economies, and half-measures only exacerbate the situation, the risks grow in Europe, stock markets increased distrust," Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, said, according to