Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg offers three day public transit pass

Eugene Lipovich, the deputy head of the administration of Yekaterinburg, announced the introduction of a new public transportation three day ticket that will be valid on all types of Yekaterinburg public transportation.

The plan was unveiled at a meeting to discuss the transportation for the city of Yekaterinburg. The three day card will be released during the summer after specialists finish the technological and organizational groundwork needed to implement it, reports.

The card will be valid for three days after the first ride on all types of EKARTA public transportation. The holder of the ticket may use it for an unlimited number of trips, though it can only pay for one passenger at a time. After the card expires it cannot be reloaded and must be disposed of.

Lipovich and other officials discussed multiple new transit pass ideas, including a pass for multiple types of public transportation that goes between trolleys, trams, metro, buses and subways. The passes will allow citizens of the city to travel into Yekaterinburg's center and back while avoiding the overloaded road network and saving on the cost of travel, according to

Lipovich said that while the change will be slight, the new passes will help to reduce the amount of transportation tension currently found in the city.