Saturday, June 23, 2018

Kuivashev calls for expanded search for missing airplane

Sverdlovsk Region Governor Yevgeny Kuivashev called for more ground search teams to be brought in to search for a missing An-2 aircraft that had as many as 13 passengers on board.

Additionally, Kuivashev has called for a continuous supply of airplane fuel to the Sverdlovsk region to aid in the search-and-rescue operation, Itar-Tass reports.

Approximately 160,000 square kilometers are being searched, with more than 50,000 already inspected. A total of 281 hardware units and six aircraft are being utilized in the search.

"According to the first deputy head of the Sverdlovsk region's EMERCOM department, Valery Ustinov, 15 pedestrian routes have been fixed for work in areas where hardware cannot be used," the governor's information department said, Itar-Tass reports. "Over 1,000 people take part in the operation, including police, emergencies ministry stuffers, forest rangers, hunters, search-and-rescue teams as well as volunteers. The leadership of the emergencies ministry's regional department has asked the leadership of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area to send a drone that will also examine northern areas of the region."

Searching is also underway in neighboring regions, with search groups examining territories adjacent to the Sverdlovsk region border.