Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wife of Victor Konteeva goes missing

Larisa Konteeva, the wife of former Yekaterinburg Vice Mayor Victor Konteeva, has disappeared and the state ministry has declared that a federal search is underway.

Victor Konteeva was arrested on August 22 for allegedly participating in the organization of two contract killings among other allegations. Larisa Konteeva was about to be hit with criminal charges for participating in the illegal seizure of Ovoschebazy Number Four along with her husband. The location of Larisa Konteeva is not currently known, Mir66 reports.

Part of the case may be delayed as the trial rounds up existing Yekaterinburg government officials and Sverdlovsk region employees. While the names of the men being looked into have not been revealed, Moscow has already conducted a search of the personal apartment of one of the regional government officials.

Between January 2010 and September 2012, Larisa and Victor Konteeva allegedly demanded that Tatiana Rusinov, the director of the Ovoschebazy plant, transfer rights of the company over to them. Rusinov and her daughter's shares in the company were valued at approximately $4.61 million. After Larisa and Victor Konteeva acquired the company, they allegedly took part in multiple illegal real estate transactions, according to Mir66.

Victor Konteeva is scheduled to be held in jail until at least July 18 as investigators attempt to find additional evidence to prolong his arrest period.