Friday, July 20, 2018

Konteeva faces new criminal charge

Victor Konteeva, the vice mayor of Yekaterinburg, has been charged in a new criminal case, according to Russia's Investigative Committee.

Konteeva allegedly violated Criminal Code article 174, related to the acquisition of property by criminal means, and Criminal Code article 163, related to extortion. While other people were involved in the alleged criminal conduct, thus far only Konteeva has been charged, Mir66 reports.

Between January 2010 and September 2012, Konteeva and his wife Larissa allegedly demanded that Tatiana Rusinov, the director of Ovoschebazy Food Base Number Four, transfer the rights to shares in the company. The shares Rusinov and her daughter owned in the company were estimated to be worth $4.61 million. Rusinov lost the battle against Konteeva for the company and the vice-mayor allegedly engaged in numerous illegal real estate transactions.

The places of work and residence of the participants in the transaction have since been searched by police.

Ilona Starodubtseva, the press secretary for the deputy mayor of Yekaterinburg, said that Victor Konteeva will be held in jail until July 18, giving investigators until then to find additional evidence to extend the arrest period. Each time a deadline has come up for Konteeva's release, investigators have been able to find more evidence for criminal charges against Konteeva, according to Mir66.