Monday, June 18, 2018

Black jaguar born at Yekaterinburg Zoo

For the second straight year, the Yekaterinburg Zoo has been host to the birth of a black baby jaguar.

The name of the baby born this year is Iago, which in Hebrew means "walking on the trail." The cub was born on April 29 at the zoo and required extra attention due to a birth injury. After a week of observation by veterinarians and employees of the zoo, Iago grew stronger and is now fully developed, JustMedia reports.

Last year, the Yekaterinburg jaguars gave birth to a baby named Naomi who now lives in a Nizhny Novgorod zoo. Black jaguars are much more rare than black leopards, which are known as panthers.

Iago is now 1.5 months old and has yet to be introduced to the visitors. The baby jaguar takes short walks outdoors while the zoo is closed. Iago will remain in Yekaterinburg for as long as two to three months before being sent to other Russian or foreign zoos, according to JustMedia.

Iago's parents, Sarah and Argon, gave birth to Naomi in August. Naomi was rejected by her mother as a result of Sarah's difficult childhood in which she was rejected by her mother.