Saturday, July 21, 2018

Krasnolesie St. prepares for new improvements

According to the press service of the Yekaterinburg City Hall, street improvements on Krasnolesie St. should be fully completed within four weeks.

The new street improvements consist of a new pedestrian walkway, bicycle path, landscaped courtyards, lighting and public transportation stations. All of the improvements are being overseen by Eugene Lipovich, the Yekaterinburg deputy chief of staff of public works, transportation and the environment, Mir66 reports.

The street improvements were first ordered last year, but the contractors failed to complete the work orders as required by the city. Lipovich has set a deadline of three weeks in order to remedy the major flaws, with an additional week provided for inspections and final touches to the new street.

In the long term, the street is intended to be home to a major trolley line. Following the completion of the street improvements, the city will call for contractors to bid for the construction of the trolley line. The city expects to select a winning bid within two months, and construction of the new public transportation route should begin shortly thereafter, according to Mir66.