Thursday, September 20, 2018

Questions answered about Yekaterinburg road repairs

Approximately 630,000 square meters of asphalt will be replaced in the streets of Yekaterinburg in 2012, with most repairs occurring throughout the night to accommodate road workers, motorists and Yekaterinburg citizens.

Basil Bukharin, the director of the urban improvement institution of the municipal treasury department, said that 80 percent of the work that will occur on 77 roads in the city will take place at night. The project chose certain roads to work on at night due to the amount of traffic on the roads during the day, the value of the roads in the city's infrastructure and the local availability of public transportation, reports.

Despite the late hour for construction, Bukharin assured concerned parties that the quality of the work will be high and the costs for the work will remain the same.

"The technology-production work is not changed, with the full closure of the road works are carried out sequentially in a quiet (environment)," Bukharin said, according to "Increased cost in calculating the cost of work the customer is not laid. Municipal contract price is firm and not subject to change."

By working at night, Bukharin hopes to effectively deliver materials to equipment without delay, though he acknowledges that some complaints may occur due to the loud noises during a typically quiet time.