Saturday, July 21, 2018

Russian Department of Education cracks down on mobile phones

During the recent string of official exams, the Russian Department of Education removed more than 60 students from the exams for using their cell phones.

Students are commonly forewarned that the use of cell phones during exams is strictly prohibited, and according to Department of Education official Nicholas Yurenko, those who were caught using cell phones during their exams had their test results cancelled, Mir66 reports.

On May 28, during the official history, biology and computer science tests, a total of 26 students out of 23,000 were removed from the exams. On May 31, a total of 21 students were removed from the 57,500 who were taking the Russian language exam. During the June 4 chemistry exam, a total of 15 students were removed from a pool of 21,000 students. Teachers who allowed their students to use cell phones during the exams lost their jobs.

On June 5, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the launch of a unified state examination system that would promote a more honest higher education admissions system, Mir66 reports.