Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ural metallurgists rally in Upper Sinyachikha

Several hundred metallurgists gathered in Upper Sinyachikha on Thursday in order to voice their concerns over the rumored closure of the Verhnesinyachihinsky Metallurgical Plant.

The current status of the village's steel mill is uncertain. The factory is owned by a mysterious Cypriot, bearing the name Domunidis. Domunidis gave power of attorney to manage the company to the Moscow Bank Petrocommerce. The mill property is owned by LLC Volga-Cap, and is registered in Saratov, reports.

Since last year, factory salaries, raw material supplies and product sales have all been delayed. Employees noted that much of the factory's management had largely been fired and has since disappeared. Workers who rallied on Thursday were concerned about an alarming lack of clarity over the future of the plant and its workers.

Regional officials have also raised concerns about the future of the mill. Regional Deputy Minister of Science and Industry Valery Turlayev said that he has been attempting to negotiate and resolve issues related to the mill, but has not been able to get in touch with the factory's owner. The plant currently employs 400 workers, and the company's boiler provides heating for 6,000 square meters of housing, child care centers, correctional schools and recreational centers, reports.