Saturday, June 23, 2018

Avtomatika employee chooses not to appeal verdict

The former employee of the Yekaterinburg-based defense enterprise Avtomatika who was accused of espionage will not appeal his sentence, according to Sverdlovsk Region Court's press officer.

Alexander Gniteyev, who was employed with the special regime N.A. Semikhatov Avtomatika Scientific & Production Association Federal State Unitary Enterprise, was found guilty of state treason through espionage, Interfax reports.

"No cassations were placed by Gniteyev with the court before June 5, the legally determined deadline," the press officer said, according to Interfax. "This means the sentence comes into effect."

The Sverdlovsk Region Court found Gniteyev guilty of Article 275 of Russia's Criminal Code. Gniteyev was sentenced to eight years in a strict-regime penitentiary establishment, one year of supervised release and an approximately $3,072 fine. Under the terms of the supervised release, the former Avtomatika employee will not be allowed to leave the town in which he resides without the permission of an authorized state body. In addition, Gniteyev must visit the state body twice a month, Ural Business Consulting reports.

While the judgment was eligible for appeal, Gniteyev did not launch an appeal by the Tuesday deadline.

Gniteyev allegedly engaged in espionage connected to the R30 3M30 Bulava three-stage solid-fuel missile project. The project is meant for a promising nuclear underwater strategic missile project developed as part of the Boreas Project.