Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tree-cutting causes protests in Yekaterinburg

The Green Russia faction has announced plans to hold a protest in Yekaterinburg against the cutting down of trees by the Atomstroycomplex Corporation.

The protests will be taking place tomorrow near the residence of the plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Federation's president in the Ural Federal District, URBC.ru reports.

"We hope to assert our constitutional right to a good environment," Chair of the Sverdlovsk Region division of Yabloko's Green Russia faction Natalya Manzurova said, according to URBC.ru. "In 2010, some federal land estates were handed over to Sverdlovsk Region Ministry for Public Property Management; the ministry then organized a tender that Atomstroycomplex won without any sign of transparency whatsoever."

According to the protesters, the company received a land allotment from authorities but did not receive permission to begin its development project.

"They started cutting down trees and drilling the soil without bothering to wait for permission to do so," Manzurova said, according to URBC.ru. "There is one small patch of forest for the locals in the midst of the surrounding stone jungle, and people are absolutely against it being destroyed."