Saturday, July 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg water utility to employ GE's ultrafiltration technology

Yekaterinburg's Municipal Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal utility has selected GE's ZeeWeed 500D ultrafiltration membrane technology to improve the water recovery ability of its current water treatment plant.

The ultrafiltration membrane system will give the treatment plant the ability to recover 55,000 cubic meters of water per day, which is equivalent to 950 Olympic-sized hockey rinks. The water recovered can be used to backwash the facility's conventional filters.

"Water is a critical resource, and our strategy is to use proven and reliable technologies to conserve and reuse as much of it as possible," Vadim Kuznetsov, the technical director of Yekaterinburg Municipal Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal, said. "GE has a long history in Russia as a supplier of reliable and efficient equipment, and its advanced water filtration technology will help us do that."

A March study showed that Russia's housing sector was the top cause of water pollution in the country. The filtration system will be able to better provide Yekaterinburg with adequate supplies of clean water.

Ultrafiltration uses a pressure-driven barrier to suspend bacteria, viruses, solids and other pathogens in water to produce highly pure water. The ZeeWeed system will go into operation in 2013.