Friday, July 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg losing battle for bronze in Russian soccer championship

The Yekaterinburg miniature soccer team DIVS has lost the first match of a championship series for the bronze medal of the Russian championship.

The first game saw the defeat of the Yekaterinburg team at the hands of the Ugra-Gazprom club, with a final score of 4-7 in overtime. The game proved to be quite the match-up, with both teams fighting hard to the very end, reports.

The opening goal was scored by Ugra's Davydov in the ninth minute. Yekaterinburg's Timoshchenko managed to tie the game up after 18 minutes, ending the first half in a 1-1 tie. The second half of the game saw Ugra turn the heat up on Yekaterinburg, bringing the match to 1-4 after the 39th minute. In response, Yekaterinburg managed to score three in a row, expiring the regular game time clock at 4-4. In overtime, Ugra surged ahead, scoring a quick three goals, ending the game 4-7.

One of the star performers of the game was Yekaterinburg's main goalkeeper, Sergey Zuev, who managed to change the course of the game, gaining much respect from the opposing team, reports.