Monday, June 18, 2018

Sverdlovsk governor's auto crash case goes to court

The December car accident involving former Sverdlovsk Region Governor Alexander Misharin has been referred to court as a criminal case.

The prosecutor's office referred the case to court on Monday after labeling it a criminal matter. After an extended investigation into the accident, Misharin's driver was charged with violating traffic regulations resulting in negligent manslaughter. Under Russian law, the crime carries a penalty of up to five years in prison, reports.

The vehicular accident occurred in December on the Yekaterinburg-Serov highway. The crash involved three vehicles - a Volga Syber, a Skoda Octavia and the governor's Mercedes. The 65-year-old driver of the Volga Syber was killed at the scene, while the governor and his driver were seriously injured. The man and woman in the Skoda received no injuries. Governor Misharin was flown to Germany immediately following the accident for treatment.

Following the accident, Misharin was able to return to work in early February, but resigned his post on May 14, after being offered a position in Moscow following Vladimir Putin's presidential election victory.