Friday, June 22, 2018

Plane forced back to Yekaterinburg after technical issues

A Finnair plane headed to Helsinki from Yekaterinburg was forced to go back to Koltsovo Airport last week because of some technical problems.

The captain apologized to the passengers for having to fly back to the Yekaterinburg airport but did not explain what the actual problem was. No passengers were harmed when the plane landed back at Koltsovo Airport 35 minutes after take off, Interfax reports.

Finnair opened the route between Helsinki and Yekaterinburg on September 2, 2008. Flights were scheduled three times a week with Airbus A319 aircraft traveling to Yekaterinburg on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings and from Yekaterinburg on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Yekaterinburg was the third scheduled destination for Finnair in Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Yekaterinburg flight acted as a gateway to other nearby cities such as Perm and Chelyabinsk.

A November 30, 2010, strike staged by cabin crew employees for Finnair disrupted flights to Yekaterinburg and many other destinations. The strike, held by the flight attendants' union, was the result of shifts and other issues related to employment, Reuters reports.

The strike lasted 10 days, ending on December 9. The company lost approximately $3.12 million per day during the strike.