Saturday, July 21, 2018

Urals region faces shortage of nursery schools

Urals officials met at a public forum in Yekaterinburg on Thursday in order to discuss issues surrounding preschool education.

Present at the meeting was acting Minister of Education Yuri Biktuganov, who said that there are currently about 80,000 children in the Sverdlovsk region between the ages of 1.5 and seven who cannot go to school. The minister also pointed out that it would not be worth it in the long run to build more kindergartens, Mir66 reports.

"If we begin to actively build kindergartens, then there will be demographic decline, they will be empty again and stand idle," Biktuganov said, according to Mir66.

The meeting, titled "Kids and Kindergartens," was attended by a record number of officials and deputies. There was a distinct low turnout, however, of the parents of preschool children, for whom the meeting was organized.

"A paradoxical situation: the Internet is full indignation from parents who unable to get their kids into kindergarten" political organizer Julia Pillar said, according to Mir66. "I can not give an exact explanation of why this is: apathy, or hope that a miracle will happen and the number of places in kindergartens will appear suddenly in the right quantities? I personally wrote and called about 50 people, who claimed that they would come to the rally."