Monday, July 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg launches free wifi initiative

Yekaterinburg has launched the first section of an initiative providing free wifi to residents and visitors at a historic ceremony on Thursday.

The Yekaterinburg wifi project was developed by the Yekaterinburg City Administration. The telecommunications company ER-Telecom Holding submitted the winning bid for the technical implementation of a wireless internet network, Mir66 reports.

"There are now many modern cities with free wifi, and we are pleased to offer this heavily demanded service to the residents of Yekaterinburg," ER-Telecom Holding branch director Edward Afontsev said, according to Mir66. "Free internet access will allow users to go online to receive any necessary information while outside the home and office. We believe urban Wi-Fi has a great future."

The historical ceremony involved an extensive entertainment program, including acrobats, free-stylists, BMX bikes and bands.

The first area of Yekaterinburg that will be open for the free wireless access will be near Plotinka. To use the service, users can connect their laptops or mobile internet devices to the network "Ekadm". After going through a brief login procedure, users will be able to receive data transfer rates of up to 256 kb/s.