Saturday, July 21, 2018

Students in Urals prepare for state graduation test

Students in the Sverdlovsk region took their first test on Monday in the wave of examinations that make up the unified state exam for high school graduation.

The first day included exams in computer science and information, communication technology, history and biology. Russian language tests will be taken on Thursday while mathematics exams will be taken on June 7, RBC reports.

Students must pass the examinations between May 28 and June 21, including reserve days. Approximately 880,000 people in the region will attempt to pass the exams during the test period. The State Examination Commission will monitor the teachers interested in participating in administering the examinations. Public monitors must be registered to administer the exams two weeks prior to each individual exam.

A difference between this year's test period and last year's is that public monitors may be present in classrooms where exams are held and also when considering test appeals. Updated special sections about the exam have been constantly updated on the websites of the districts, educational institutions and the Department of Education. The state oversees the administration of the unified state exam, which is also known as the USE or the EGE, according to RBC.

The examination is a similar to the SATs in the United States, which students take in an effort to gain enrollment to universities, Voice of Russia reports.