Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Windows of Life" proposed for Yekaterinburg

A system involving baby boxes outside of hospitals, prenatal centers and maternity hospitals where mothers can leave their babies has been proposed in Yekaterinburg to safeguard abandoned infants.

The "Windows of Life" would allow a mother who has decided to abandon her infant to open the door, place the baby inside the boxes, have a few minutes to reconsider and leave without putting the infant in harm's way. The baby would then enter into the healthcare facility through an elevator into the hands of doctors and social workers, reports.

The system is meant to prevent babies from being abandoned in churches, benches and much harsher environments like dumpsters, landfills and by the side of the road. The baby boxes have been effective in saving lives in Krasnodar in the Perm region.

Igor Morokov, the ombudsman for children in the Sverdlovsk region, said that the system is a civilized solution to the problem of child abandonment, reports.

Opponents of the Windows of Life have said that the devices would encourage women to abandon their children. Morokov agrees that such an outcome could result, but also said that if the baby box is the only opportunity to save a child's life, it is a system that must be employed.