Sunday, May 27, 2018

Uzbekistan cancels trial for Yekaterinburg woman

The Uzbek court system has cancelled the trial of an elderly Yekaterinburg woman who was charged with possession of narcotic substances.

Russian pensioner Tamara Talashmanova was arrested in Uzbekistan after she was caught carrying a pack of sedative pills. Talashmanova received the pills from a doctor in Russia, who issued her a valid prescription for the drug Phenazepam. She was unaware that the prescription drugs were considered a narcotic substance under Uzbek law, reports.

The trial was cancelled after considerable effort by Russian authorities to secure Talashmanova's release. The Russian Foreign Ministry office in Yekaterinburg worked with Russian Foreign Ministry headquarters in Moscow in order to help end the criminal investigation. With support from the Foreign Ministry, the Russian embassy in Tashkent was eventually able to meet with Talashmanova to ensure her security. The embassy also worked with Uzbek law enforcement officers in order to negotiate the pensioner's release.

As a result of these efforts, the criminal investigation has been brought to a formal close, and the criminal trial has been cancelled. Under Uzbek law, Talashmanova faced five to seven years in prison for the possession of the sedative pills, according to