Monday, May 21, 2018

Flower planting begins on Yekaterinburg streets

Specialists from Yekaterinburg's Zelenstroya Department began planting flowers in the parks and streets of Yekaterinburg on Friday.

Alexander Uranova, the deputy director of Zelenstroya, said that the department began planting the flowers one day earlier than it had in past years. Uranova said that the brigade plans to plant flowers on 600 square meters worth of land in the first day alone, IPA reports.

"Most of the streets used by those species which feel well in the difficult conditions of the Urals: saffron, petunias, tagetes, salvia, balsam, begonia, and others," the city administration said, according to IPA. "At the same colors of flower arrangement is chosen depending on the subject of improvement."

In total, the flower planting will take place on over 22,000 square meters of flower beds throughout Yekaterinburg.