Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg woman released in Uzbekistan

An elderly Russian lady who was arrested in Uzbekistan with a pack of sedative pills has been released following diplomatic negotiations between the two countries.

Pensioner Tamara Talashmanova received a valid prescription for the sedative drug Phenazepam while in Russia, but was unaware that the drug was considered a narcotic substance in Uzbekistan. She was arrested for carrying the sedative pills while traveling in Uzbekistan and faced a five to seven year prison sentence, Fergananews.com reports.

The office of the Russian foreign ministry in Yekaterinburg worked with the foreign ministry headquarters in Moscow and the embassy of Russia in Uzbekistan in order to help secure the release of Talashmanova. According to the Russian foreign ministry in Yekaterinburg, the release of Talashmanova can be primarily attributed to the efforts of Russian authorities.

The eventual release can also be accredited to the involvement of the Russian media. Russian newspapers published dozens of reports and articles on Tamara Talashmanova's situation, which in turn helped to bring the issue to the attention of Sverdlovsk region human rights commissioner Tatiana Merzlyajkova, as well as Russian Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin. Both Merzlyajkova and Lukin were active in the negotiations for Talashmanova's release, according to Fergananews.com.