Thursday, June 21, 2018

New animal rescue shelter opens in Yekaterinburg

A new short-term animal rescue shelter opened in Yekaterinburg this week in order to help ease pressure on existing facilities.

According to the press service of the city administration, the new animal shelter involved the complete reconstruction of the existing facilities at EMUP Spetsavtobaza. The new facilities now have a total floor area of 480 square meters, Mir66 reports.

The new facilities include a total of 50 cages that have a carrying capacity of up to 150 animals. In addition, the facilities include a new veterinary office, quarantine zone, and storage and utility rooms.

Current city policy requires stray dogs to be seen by the State Veterinary Service. If the captured dogs are healthy and show no signs of aggression, the animals are sterilized and placed into an animal shelter, where they await a new owner. The funding for the programs is supplied through the city budget, according to Mir66.

If the animal is able to find a new home within 21 days, the city has an agreement to pass adoption fees onto the charity fund Zoozaschita.