Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cell phone payment initiative launched on Yekaterinburg transportation

The Yekaterinburg city press service announced on Wednesday that the city administration is planning to launch a new high tech initiative that will allow travelers to pay for public transportation with a cell phone.

The public transportation upgrade is scheduled to begin operation in the summer of 2012 and will cover all public transportation stations, as well as more than 1,600 individual public transport vehicles, BakuToday.net reports.

The project is being developed with coordination between software experts and public transportation agencies and will be comprised of many fixed payment terminals and individual validation stations. The system will involve the support of mobile phone operators, and will be integrated into the EKARTA system, which is the city's current electronic travel infrastructure.

In order to use the service, users will have to insert a certain SIM card with an NFC chip into their phone. This chip will allow the cell phone to carry a balance with which people will be able to buy tickets or pay a public transportation fare directly at the turnstile, according to BakuToday.net.