Monday, July 16, 2018

Yekaterinburg wants to ban military vehicles in future parades

The Yekaterinburg administration will hold a public hearing on June 8 to discuss a possible ban on military equipment in future parades.

Following extensive road damage due from the use of hundreds of military vehicles in the May 9 victory parade, Yekaterinburg residents will present proposals for new rules on road infrastructure. One of the issues to be discussed will be a possible ban on the use of tracked vehicles on roads with asphalt and cement-concrete surfaces, Mir66 reports.

The public hearing decision will only serve as a recommendation to the city council for further action, but the city council often relies on such hearings to help it make final decisions.

The city is currently undecided as to whether tracked vehicles with rubber pads on the tracks will be allowed. The rubber pads help to prevent heavy road damage, but cost approximately $31,500 each and are an expensive addition to the city budget. In 2012, the city had to pay $537,000 in order to equip 11 tanks with rubber track pads, according to Mir66.

In comparison, the city ended up paying more than $3 million in order to repair asphalt pits and road damages brought about by military vehicles after the Victory Parade in 2011.