Sunday, June 17, 2018

Occupy Russia protests on the decline in Yekaterinburg

The protests that took place all across Russia amidst the recent election season have only now started to show signs of weakening, weeks after the inauguration of president Vladimir Putin.

In Yekaterinburg, the protests reached their peak during the Duma election campaign and diminished following presidential election results. In January and February of this year, opposition rallies in Yekaterinburg saw between 3,000 and 25,000 participants. The most recent resurgence of protests over the weekend, however, involved only approximately 400 protestors. This weekend's protests demonstrated against the firing of Sverdlovsk-Obast governor Alexandr Misharin, reports.

"We have to admit that the protest movement in Yekaterinburg is on the decline," local political analyst Fedor Krasheninnikov said, according to "It is due to the weather. It's hot now, people who came to rallies in winter are now trying to get away from the city on weekends. Yekaterinburg citizens can go in the streets only with a local agenda, they are not really interested in Moscow events."

Krasheninnikov said that the widespread culture of protest activity will resume again in August once the weather cools off.