Friday, June 22, 2018

FAS halts fiber optic plan in Yekaterinburg

The Federal Antimonopoly Service, Russia's national competition regulator, has halted the decision made by the administration of Yekaterinburg to have overhead fiber optic lines in the city removed and put into underground ducts by 2015.

The regulator will investigate the issue at the federal government level. Similar projects to remove overhead fiber optic cables have also been enacted in Moscow and Kazan, RBC Daily reports.

FAS initiated the case on March 27, alleging that the city administration of Yekaterinburg violated Part 1, Article 15 of Federal Law relating to the protection of competition. The city authority passed the order about fiber optic cables on September 16. The dismantling of fiber optic communication lines on contact network and outdoor lighting poles was to take place between 2012 and 2015.

FAS alleged that the city authority of Yekaterinburg created unreasonable obstacles for operation for providers using fiber optic cables to render communication services to residents of Yekaterinburg, provided preferential treatment for conditions of economic entities and restricted competition in the communication services market, according to RBC Daily.

In April, FAS said that it will continue to carefully monitor acts adopted by the governments of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation to ensure that the development of competition is not hindered in the market of communication services.