Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bank apologizes for refusing loan to man with disability

A major Russian bank that allegedly withdrew a loan that was pre-approved after meeting a man who lost his legs and genitalia as a result of army hazing has apologized.

The withdrawal by VTB24 was a result of Andrei Sychyov failing to represent himself at a meeting with bank clerks which raised suspicions that he wasn't who he said he was. Bank officials in Yekaterinburg, where Sychyov resides, said that they do not hand out loans to people who have major disabilities, and report.

Sychyov was attempting to obtain a car loan for a Subaru Forrester. He has threatened to sue the bank for approximately $51,000 in damages.

Sychyov works as a video editor on regional television. He was able to obtain a loan at another unspecified bank, but VTB24 proposed a better loan along with an apology. It was unclear whether or not Sychyov would continue to go through the suit or not, reports.

Sychyov was a part of national news in 2006 when he had his genitalia and legs amputated after an extended hazing session at his military unit. The situation demonstrated problems in the Russian Army, which is notorious for its widespread practices of abusing conscripts. The disabled are often discriminated against in Russia, which gives insufficient opportunity to those who have special needs.