Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sverdlovsk prosecutor demands five years for suspected accomplice in mutiny case

The state prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk regional court demanded 5.5 years in prison on Thursday for a suspected accomplice of a retired Main Intelligence Department colonel who was accused of attempted armed mutiny.

Vladimir Ladeishchikov, the suspected accomplice, signed a plea bargain agreement that admitted his guilt and that he aided investigators in the case. The prosecutors allege that Ladeishchikov abetted Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov in organizing a mutiny on August 2, Itar-Tass reports.

Ladeishchikov is accused of counts of abetting terrorist activity and the illegal acquisition, handover, sale, transportation, keeping or carrying of explosives and arms. Ladeishchikov was a member of the Minin and Pozharsky's Militia movement, engaging in search and operation activities. The participants of the movement allegedly planned to murder the executives of the Sverdlovsk regional law enforcement bodies in addition to the heads of several ethnic communities and destroy transmission line pylons along with Yekaterinburg's thermal power plant.

The members of the group planned to launch the so-called Dawn operation to seize power in the city on August 2. Colonel Leonid Khabarov was also detained as a suspected abettor who allegedly attempted armed mutiny and recruited or involved people in terrorism, according to Itar-Tass.

Kvachkov allegedly attempted the organization of an armed mutiny and recruited or involved people in terrorism. Kvachkov was previously the key suspect in a March 2005 assassination attempt on the life of the chief of RAO UES electric utility Chubais. The defendants in that case were found not guilty in August 2010. Kvachkov recently demanded $1.6 million in compensation for his illegal prosecution from the Finance Ministry.