Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg begins using electronic signatures

The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of Yekaterinburg now has the capability to take advantage of the new e-signature federal law by utilizing electronic signatures.

Yekaterinburg officially earned delivery point status for electronic signatures. The flagship customer service location will be Rostelecom. Rostelecom has begun to issue certificates for virtual signatures, which are required to make sure that an electronic document or right of access to information resources and services can be approved without the personal presence of a Yekaterinburg citizen, OblGazeta.ru reports.

Electronic signatures are already used by Yekaterinburg administration employees, the Department of Social Welfare and leading business correspondence. The electronic signature is now available to all by inserting a small token into a computer connected to the portal of public services. The token places a signature onto a document of any kind.

More than 82,400 people have registered as willing to test out the new e-signature system, including 38,711 people in Yekaterinburg and 12,834 people in Nizhny Tagil. The signatures are valid for one year from the portal of public and municipal services. To register for the token, citizens must submit a Russian passport and a certificate of compulsory pension insurance. While the process is free, citizens must pay for the token, which acts as an electronic storage device, according to OblGazeta.ru.