Saturday, July 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg film series commissioned

The Yekaterinburg city administration has issued an order commissioning a series of documentary films about the city.

The city has allocated a total of $30,000 as part of the municipal budget for the production of a film series titled "The Capital of the Urals." The documentary film series is to be comprised of three short films, each lasting between seven and 10 minutes. The first film should be completed by mid-June while the second is set to be released in mid-September. The third and final film is set to be released in early December, according to Mir66.

The first film is called "Yekaterinburg Racing: A City of the Future," and centers on sports as a way of life in the city. Part of the film is commissioned to handle the 2018 World Cup. The film will be released in both English and Russian.

The second film is called "People" and is expected to portray diversity and multiculturalism in Yekaterinburg. The film should contain a portion devoted to the 2020 World Expo, Mir66 reports.

The third film, called "Secrets of Yekaterinburg," is expected to involve a series of mysterious hypothetical events taking place within Yekaterinburg. The film is expected to have a futuristic theme and handle the question of what the city might turn into.