Monday, June 18, 2018

Kuivashev chosen as new Sverdlovsk governor

Yevgeny Kuivashev, a former presidential envoy to the Urals Federal District, will serve as the acting governor of the Sverdlovsk region after former governor Alexander Misharin's resignation on Monday.

Misharin stepped down following a fatal road accident in December in which a car he was a passenger in struck a Volga Siber car on the Yekaterinburg-Serov highway, killing the driver of the Volga. Misharin and his driver, Dmitry Cherkasov, sustained major injuries and Misharin was hospitalized in Germany for two months before returning to work, the Moscow Times reports.

Misharin resigned on the same day that Sverdlovsk region investigators announced that charges would be brought against Cherkasov for traffic violations resulting in a fatality. In a statement, Misharin said he was stepping down at his own request for health reasons, though he was likely pressured to leave after his reputation was tarnished by the fatal accident.

Kuivashev, a bureaucrat who attended classes at Yale University, first came up as a potential candidate while Misharin was receiving treatment. He will likely be appointed governor for a five year term prior to direct gubernatorial elections in June, according to the Moscow Times.

Kuivashev, who is a paramedic by training, studied law at an institute under the control of the Federal Guard Service. He also served as a court marshal in Moscow and as the mayor of Tyumen.