Saturday, July 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg shoe company offers new contracts to Vietnamese workers

A Yekaterinburg shoe company at the center of mistreatment allegations by Vietnamese workers wants to negotiate new contracts to address the laborers complaints.

The workers went on strike last week, complaining to their families that they were being forced to work as many as 13 hours a day in poor conditions with no pay. The workers said they had had enough of the situation and wanted to come home. Their alleged plight led to an investigation by the Vietnam Embassy to Russia, Talk Vietnam reports.

The embassy asked L.E.O. Pard, a leather shoe making company, to clarify the contracts of the workers, including labor conditions, medical services, accommodations and salary. In addition, the embassy requested a response to the allegations of discrimination between the Vietnamese and workers of other nationalities.

The embassy requested that the Vietnamese remain on the payroll and that the company work with the embassy to compile more detailed and fair labor contracts. While the workers were working for the company legally, they negotiated their contracts with a labor broker named Nguyen Van Dung instead of a regular Vietnamese labor export company. Dung allegedly failed to address the concerns of the Vietnamese, causing the laborers to go on strike, Talk Vietnam reports.

The embassy asked Dung to take responsibility to make sure that the legal rights of the Vietnamese workers are preserved. The embassy will keep an eye on the matter and will team up with local agencies to ensure the rights of the workers.