Friday, June 22, 2018

Tribute paid to motorcycle soldiers

One of the year's first celebrations in Yekaterinburg to honor Victory Day and the soldiers who fought in World War II was held for the motorcycle soldiers in the central park of culture and recreation.

The ceremony to honor the so-called Black Knives was held on Wednesday with thousands of people in attendance. Dmitry Novoselov, one of the leaders of the Yekaterinburg bike group, was on hand for a ceremony that honored the living and deceased veterans of the war, reports.

Galina Smirnova, now 87 years of age, served in the Urals Volunteer Tank Corps during the war. She honored her brother, Nikolay Istomin, a scout rider who died in 1943 at Orel. Smirnova and Anton Ivin, a biker from Sysert, recounted the tale of his brother, Galina Alexandrovna, who drove through the night forest despite his night blindness and gathered all of the roots and branches with him.

To honor the motorcycle troops, motorcyclists swept through the park with vintage motorcycles fitted with machine guns. The collection of retro bikes included a BMW R75 motorcycle and a 1943 Harley Davidson. The central avenue lining the park was filled with several hundred people eating soldiers porridge, a nourishing concoction of buckwheat and canned meat. The veterans were allowed to eat first,