Sunday, June 24, 2018

Children poisoned by lunches in Kedrovka

Fifty-eight students at the Kedrovsky School number 23 have fallen sick with a type of food poisoning after eating at the school cafeteria.

Because of the high number of reported illnesses, the prosecutor's office was alerted to potential health violations at the school's nutrition unit. Following a full inspection of the school cafeteria, the prosecutor's office found multiple health code violations, reports.

The health inspection found that the nutrition unit at the Kedrovsky School number 23 failed to properly wash dishes and cutlery, and that the school also failed to flush and disinfect the cafeteria's water supply. Furthermore, the prosecutor's office found violations in how the cafeteria used milk and sour cream in its cooking.

The results of the inspection resulted in the initiation of legal action. The prosecutor's office will open up a case against the school's nutrition unit, claiming that the cafeteria's criminal negligence led to a massive outbreak of human disease.

Prosecutors will also open a case against the administration at Kedrovsky School number 23, noting that the school principal was responsible for the municipal contract for the students' meals, according to