Friday, June 22, 2018

Courtyard barbecues represent compromise for Yekaterinburg residents

Due to the high fire risk situation in Yekaterinburg forests, many residents are resorting to having barbecues in apartment building courtyards, garages and even on balconies.

A recent decision by the Sverdlovsk regional government has stopped citizens from visiting forests and from lighting fires in them. Because the prohibitive measures will last during all public holidays in May, barbecue lovers have started using other locations for their grilling holidays, New Region reports.

Many residents of the city have established barbecues in the courtyards of their apartment buildings. Other residents of the buildings have complained of the smoke from the fires and the potential hazards. Some resourceful citizens have used child sandboxes as makeshift fire pits to prevent the yard from catching fire.

According to the State Ministry of Emergency Situations in Russia, lighting a fire in the courtyard of an apartment building is strictly prohibited. The same goes for lighting a fire in a garage or on a balcony, though some residents have also resorted to such locations. The only location in which a fire is allowed is at a distance of 50 meters from structures and buildings. If one can find a location that does not violate the temporary forest restriction that is at least 50 feet away from a building, the songs, drinking and grilling may continue, according to New Region.