Monday, June 18, 2018

Special fire rules relaxed at parks

By a resolution of the Sverdlovsk Region's government, the special fire rules for parks in the region that have been in effect since April 25 will be relaxed beginning May 10.

The rules will be cancelled because of the stabilization of the fire situation and the lack of weather forecast in the near future that could lead to fire hazards, Mir66 reports.

If an increase of fire risk is noted by local municipal authorities, however, special fire rules may be put into place.

According to the Sverdlovsk Region's government, forest fires are most often caused by humans, with 11 of this year's forest fires blamed on the burning of dry grass in fields and 10 fires coming from railroads and power lines.

The special fire rules will remain in effect on the public holidays through May 9, with citizens banned from visiting forests or hunting fowl in the frost, according to Mir66.