Friday, June 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg boat owners must get ship registration tickets

Sergey Kabakov, the head of Yekaterinburg's inspection center, has reminded boat owners that they must get their vessels registered with a ship ticket to continue to keep them in service.

Vessels that require registration include motor boats, rowing boats that can carry more than 100 kilograms, inflatable boats and rafts with a capacity of more than 225 pounds. Boat owners must submit the appropriate documents to the inspection department, which include a data sheet, an act of the primary examination, a civil passport, a Sverdlovsk residency permit, a certification for tax registration and a state duty payment receipt, reports.

The process must begin with a primary inspection in which boat owners deliver the vessel to the inspector's site. At this point, the owner must pay the inspector for a proper inspection while providing a technical data sheet. Such a sheet is provided upon the purchase of the boat or from the seller of the boat if it was pre-owned. If the boat was made by hand, the owner must provide receipts for the materials used to craft the boat.

After providing all necessary documentation and making the appropriate payments, boat owners can receive the compulsory ship ticket. Registration can cost between $8.83 and $39.41 depending on the size of the craft. Boat owners should always carry their ship ticket and certificate of boat ownership with them, reports.