Friday, June 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg house damaged by tank

While heading to a Friday night rehearsal for the upcoming Victory Parade, a tank's gun antennae struck a raised wire, ripping a hole in the roof of a Yekaterinburg home.

"The wires were stretched across the roadway from our house," Marina Zubkov, the owner of the damaged home, said, according to "The wires had been hanging there for 30 years, no less. We went out in the evening to look at the fighting machines passing by. They drive through here every year. All went well until one of the tanks with a raised gun antennae passed by."

According to Zubkhov, the wires stretched before they managed to pull off a portion of the roof, reports.

Vasily Zubkov, Marina's husband, immediately ran to the DPS police who were standing at the intersection controlling traffic as the military vehicles passed by.

"The traffic cops just shrugged at me," Vasily said, according to "They said they could not help. They could only cut the snagged wires."

The Zubkov family has so far been unsuccessful in petitioning for compensation, which the family estimates could run them as much as $1,700.

The annual Victory Parade is held to celebrate Russia's victory in the Great Patriotic War, or World War II. This years celebrations will be held on May 9.