Monday, June 18, 2018

Kunara home becomes tourist attraction

A blacksmith's home in the village of Kunara, near the city of Yekaterinburg, has become a unique tourist destination.

Sergey Kirillov, a Kunara blacksmith who died in 2003, spent most of his life turning his house into a landmark fairytale work of art that now attracts visitors from around the world. Kirillov came to Kunara with his wife, Lidia Kharitonova, in 1951, moving into an ordinary wooden building that was owned by his grandfather. As the house fell into disrepair with age, Kirillov began to repair it after his own fashion, changing the decoration and design as he went along, reports.

"He used to start decorating the house right after coming home from work. He did everything on his own, without any assistants or helpers. He dedicated all his leisure time to this house, he never stopped working, always thought out something new," Kharitonova said, according to

The design combines many elements from traditional fairytales, children's art and Soviet-style imagery. The home won the All-Russian Amateur Wooden Architecture Contest in 1999.

Kirillov is survived by his wife, who continues to look after the house despite her advanced age.