Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk soccer championship to run on shorter schedule

The 68th soccer championship of the Sverdlovsk region will run on a shorter program this year.

The championship matches will now run on the "Autumn Spring" system, reports.

Games for all the 13 soccer teams in the region - Yekaterinburg, Ural-D, Miner-Eurasia, Fores, Dinur, Metallurg, Change, dir, Uralasbest, Cedar, Seversky Trubnik, Uralets-N.T. and Titan - kicked off on Sunday, with the tournament scheduled to end on July 21.

The first match of the tournament took place between the Yekaterinburg and Dinur teams, with Yekaterinburg pulling off a 1-0 victory, according to

Yekaterinburg midfielder Anton Yurpalov scored the match's only goal in the 28th minute, though Dinur did have the opportunity to tie the match up with a penalty shot on goal at the 89th minute.

Yekaterinburg goalie Evgeni Timokhin, however, was able to deflect the shot by Dinur's Alexei Kiselyov, according to