Friday, June 22, 2018

UMMC Yekaterinburg one step closer to title

UMMC Yekaterinburg defeated Moscow's Sparta in the second match of the final series of the Russian women's national basketball championship.

In what proved to be a spectacular match, the Yekaterinburg Foxes quickly established a comfortable advantage, settling into a 12 point lead by the middle of the second quarter, button less than three minutes, the Moscow women struck back with an unexpected ferocity, very quickly bringing the game to a tie. After 15 more minutes of intense basketball, the Spartans had taken the lead at 42-40, reports.

With the teams neck and neck, players fought with determination. Sue Bird, with a broken nose, fought like a lioness, scrambling for the ball without fear. UMMC star Candace Parker even found a worthy rival in Candy Dupree, resulting in a toss-up for the unofficial best player of the match.

The turning point came in the middle of final quarter. With the teams at 66-65, Parker was able to score off an offensive rebound, which was then followed up by a successful three-pointer from Bird, giving the Foxes some breathing space at 71-65. UMMC ended the game with an 80-73 lead, according to